Heritage Research
For the first time in drum craftmanship we have the posibilty of building completely reliable drums using natural materials: Pneumatic Pitch Control enables you to work with natural hides giving you a tonal range unobtainable with man-made 'skins'. It is our aim to reintroduce the traditional craft of WOOD, VELLUM and CLAY building on the ancient knowledge of hide treatment that has been handed down from generation to generation in cultures around the world. DAVID ROMAN DRUMS are proud to offer the finest quality and variety of natural drum skins that meet the specific requierements of every diesired style, sound concepts and playing technique.
All products presented are subject of international patent pending application


Elegance in Balance

Pneumatic Pitch Control is the return to more rounded and traditional drum forms, making tension rods and other exterior tuning devices completely superfluos. It makes the drum considerably lighter and, crucially, simple and elegant. DAVID ROMAN DRUMS epitomize the beauty of an instrument; perfect balance in sound and form.